Cadre Enrollment

Cadre Enrollment prioritizes patient engagement throughout the process of screening, program application, and billing and payment. Our enrollment specialists are committed to the best patient advocacy, which results in an unmatched 95+% accuracy rate for Medicaid eligibility.






Cadre Enrollment partner hospitals identify uninsured patients at admission.
Cadre Enrollment uses a robust technology platform to screen patients for eligibility in 1600+ programs nationally including Medicaid and other health insurance and social services programs.
Cadre Enrollment enables coordination of all Medicaid documents between the patient and enrollment specialist until submission.
After the completed Medicaid application is submitted, Cadre Enrollment monitors the state's Medicaid agency for approval.
Cadre Enrollment notifies the hospital accounts payable department at the time of approval to ensure timely billing.

Cadre Enrollment Goals

1. Connect as many uninsured patients with public or private coverage for which they are eligible.
Cadre Enrollment analyzes eligibility for available health insurance coverage options and sources of payment for medical care, including:
  • Medicaid, including emergency Medicaid, medically needy coverage, and full coverage
  • Marketplace/Exchange coverage
  • Medicare
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Veterans’ Affairs medical benefits
  • Children With Special Health Care Needs (Title V) coverage
  • Indian Health Services
  • COVID-19-related coverage
  • Geographic-specific programs
  • Black Lung
  • Limited coverage programs, i.e. Vaccines for Children or family planning
  • 2. Strengthen hospitals’ finances.
    By increasing the number of patients with a source of payment for care, Cadre Enrollment reduces hospitals’ uncompensated care costs, adds revenue, and reduces hospitals’ dependence on supplemental payments.
    3. Provide a seamless and compassionate patient experience.
    Cadre Enrollment provides on-site enrollment specialists, as needed and requested, to work with uninsured patients to identify all programs for which they are eligible. Our specialists prioritize confidentiality and respect and are patient advocates. Cadre Enrollment works with patients from admission through discharge all the way to billing.
    4. Deliver hassle-free, fast implementation for hospitals.
    Implementation with Cadre Enrollment does not require a complex integration. In fact, the platform typically receives data elements via HIPAA-compliant sFTP, rather than through a true integration between systems. Our implementation team tailors the process to client needs and considers each implementation a collaborative process.
    5. Address patients’ needs for other supports that enhance health and well-being.
    Cadre Enrollment goes beyond health insurance and screens uninsured patients for eligibility for up to 60 social services programs, including SNAP, TANF, WIC, cell phone assistance, energy/heating assistance, disability insurance and Head Start. Connecting uninsured patients with social services programs supports patients’ holistic health and well-being, reduces hospital readmissions, and addresses other non-medical causes of poor health. (i.e. food insecurity).

    Cadre Enrollment Results

    • 95+% Medicaid conversion accuracy.
    • Capture up to 6 times more in Medicaid reimbursement, compared with other eligibility and enrollment vendors.
    • In states that expanded Medicaid under the ACA:
    • >80% of uninsured patients screened found eligible for Medicaid.
    • 69% of uninsured patients screened found eligible for other social services, benefits.
    • Among those not found eligible for Medicaid, 67% of those screened were eligible for other social services, benefits.
    • In states that did not expand Medicaid under the ACA:
    • 50% of uninsured patients screened found eligible for Medicaid.
    • 96% of uninsured patients screened also found eligible for other social services, benefits.
    • Among those not found eligible for Medicaid, 78% were eligible for other social services, benefits.

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    Cadre Enrollment Pricing

    • Cadre Enrollment has no up-front implementation fees. Payment is entirely based on how well the platform performs for our hospital partners, with the fee based only on new revenue generated.