At Cadre Health, we make healthcare systems better.

For us, that means dismantling information silos, streamlining processes, and eliminating redundancies—all through our four key services: software design & development, strategic investment, data analytics, and technology consulting.

Our Process

While the problems we solve vary, our process for solving them is the same.



We begin by understanding a problem inside out. We identify pain points, talk to experts, and immerse ourselves in the challenges at hand.


Next, we picture a better way. At this phase of our process, the sky’s the limit.


We then take our big picture thinking and ground it in a tangible solution. That means identifying the most impactful, feasible answer and bringing it to life.


Finally, we deploy that solution at the grassroots level. We start small and scale gradually knowing steady change can move mountains.

Current Projects


A better end-to-end patient discharge platform.

Transitions is a clinical tool that facilitates patient transitions between healthcare facilities. The system allows providers and patients to collaborate during the care coordination process.

  • Records patient choice in compliance with the IMPACT Act
  • Reduces hospital readmission rates
  • Increases interoperability between EMRs and PAC systems

Project Iris

Harnessing data to support cancer surveillance.

Iris is helping researchers identify cancer risk factors and better anticipate incidence of the disease. The dual-interface system enables providers to focus on their patients without sacrificing the integrity of their data collection.

  • Improves understanding of various forms of cancer
  • Promotes patient engagement in preventive healthcare
  • Lays the groundwork for a predictive analytics program

Innovation Pipeline

Sourcing great ideas and cutting-edge technologies.

Cadre Health’s Innovation Pipeline identifies and connects groundbreaking ideas to the right networks. Through our relationships with investors and accelerators, we find and vet promising early stage health tech companies solving important problems.

Technology Consulting

Finding clever solutions to unique problems.

With our understanding of custom software development and the current health tech landscape, Cadre Health is uniquely equipped to advise and consult with hospitals, health systems, and entire hospital associations. We identify high-priority pain points and connect problems to solutions.