Cadre Health’s Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A Note from Cadre Health CEO David Young on the Coronavirus

Healthcare Colleagues and Friends,

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought on a global crisis unlike anything we have ever experienced. Like many of you, we at Cadre Health have been grappling with the short and long-term implications of this pandemic, both for our own families, and especially for healthcare providers across the country on the frontlines of the response efforts.

The team at Cadre Health wants you to know that we stand with you and are deeply grateful for your important role in protecting the public. We understand that in the coming days and weeks, many of your facilities will experience a surge in patient volume as new cases of infection emerge in your communities. If the patterns we’re seeing across the globe continue, demand for care will far surpass what our current healthcare infrastructure can support.

This reality will likely bring all sorts of new challenges, in addition to intensifying those you already face. In particular, the need to screen and triage patients will increase rapidly. To that end, we believe our Medicaid patient optimization reimbursement program, “Cadre Enrollment,” can help. This web-based solution screens patients for all available state and federal programs including Medicaid and new programs emerging in response to the current crisis. The technology we use does not require EMR integration or expensive hardware, and allows enrollment specialists to screen patients in a matter of 90 seconds.

With that in mind, we want to do our small part to help:

Effective immediately, Cadre Health is providing no-cost access to our Cadre Enrollment solution.

Cadre Health is ready to partner with, and come beside, as many hospitals addressing the coronavirus outbreak as we are able to support. We are committing to offer this no-cost option on a first-come, first-served basis. If the issues related to COVID-19 persist, we will consider expanding the number of hospitals participating in our no-cost option. Please contact me, David Young, or Philip Wentworth, Managing Director, to determine if your hospital would benefit from our no-cost option.

Our hope is that by offering an easy, no-cost system to match uninsured patients to Medicaid coverage and other benefits, we can eliminate one hurdle in your mission to provide the best possible patient care. In the midst of all the uncertainty at this moment in time, the last thing hospitals, patients, and families should worry about is payment for treatment.

I encourage all hospitals in need of support during this critical moment to please contact us.


David Young
CEO, Cadre Health